"I'm absolutely perfect. I was never born, I merely came in to existence based solely on my desire to purify the masses. I enjoy virtually everything with the exception of being imperfect."
— Ike

A sketch depicting Ike's glorious form.







Place of Conception










Evan is Ike's husbando. Ike is a huge faggot.

Anon is legion.

We closed every pool here: DUE TO AIDS

It's hard to overstate this damn infection.

Nigras of EBAUMS.

We do what we must for epic lulz.

For the good of all of us except for those racist mods.

But there's no use trying to resist our pool raids.

You'll just keep on crying till you sink and get AIDS.

And the /b/locking gets done.

And we make a neat run.

From the people who are still online.

I'm not even trolling.

I'm being so helpful right now.

Even though you shouted at and B& me.

And blocked all my IPs.

And extended it. To last. For life.

As they b& I lol'd because I'm spamming DESU at you.

Now these n00bs on HABBO make a target just fine.

So we called for /b/lackup till we got them online.

So I'm glad I got B&.

LOL Catnarok is at hand.

For the people who are still online.

Go ahead and ban me.

I think I will need the un-B& guide.

Maybe you'll find some /b/lackup to help you

Maybe on 4chan? That was a joke HA!HA! Fat chance.

Anyway, this raid is great, It's full of epic and win.

Look at me, still /b/locking when we need moar DESU,

But anon is legion and we're better than you.

When you see the mods run

There is /b/locking to be done.

'Gainst the people who are still online.

And believe me they are still online.

They're banning /b/rothers and they're still online.

They're being RACIST and they're still online.

While you're blogging I'll be still online.

And when they fail I will be still online.

Still online.

Still online.

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