"..I'd...react appropriately?"
— Pommy
Pommy at her 2012 iLEAP carnival.








Main Owner

Main Character

Fuel (Mother 3)

Pommy (Haylee) is CoffeeSwimmingPool 's main owner or the head honcho, known for being one of the only girls on the internet and the only female owner in CSP. She started Xat way back in 2009, starting on a chat called UltimateGameRoom under the alias "KittyKat88", and it all went downhill from there.


Through xatting for many years, Pommy met many people and made a few enemies. Her current best friends are Raymond, Ike , Jordan , Loocas , KC , and AA . She met most of them through CSP. Her sister is Tibbers.

After she met Loocas at UltimateGameRoom, they went on to create a chat called Muther_3 and they roleplayed there, until someone who went by Tracy came. The roleplaying took a bit more of a turn, and they created a different chat called Pommys_Stoopid_Skool , which has its own role in CSP's legacy. It was deconstructed in early 2011 when Tracy and Loocas quit Xat.


  • She's known for fangirling over everything. People no longer question it.
  • Also goes by CouchFlip.
  • Pommy was a username she attained when she first roleplayed as Cat Pommy in UltimateGameRoom.

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