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Pantshitters: Treasure Search


Luigi29, Luigi291, Luigi29111, Meleeluigi, Sbemail_Checker, Dustiletto.






Main Owner

Main Character

Duster (Mother 3)

"I gotta believe!" — Raymond, totally not quoting Parappa.

Raymond, also know as Ray, Duster, Dusty, and Dustiletto, is part of CSP's semi-large cast of dummies.


Raymond's Xat name is "Luigi29111" and has been using the site since late 2008. Starting out with a group of friends that will currently stay anonymous, but have all, excluding a select 2 or 3, abandoned it. Raymond, having nothing to do with this practically dead group, didn't know what to do. Until one day in July 2012 his friend Jordan linked him to CoffeeSwimmingPool , which he went and made his new favorite group, abandoning the old one in the process.

Raymond has only roleplayed mainly as two characters to this day, Duster and Green Shirt Lucas . However he has RP'd as characters once or twice that will probably never return, such as Mike Jones and Green Link .

Raymond's bitch: Mimi Edit


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